A surrogacy journal

Follow with me on my amazing journey to give a wonderful couple the joy of a second child!

Monday, January 31, 2005

Almost there now....

We are so close to the transfer and I just can't believe it! Things have moved so fast this month and I'm totally psyched about it. I talked with V for a little while today and she said that she was just counting the days too and is amazed how the time flew.
As of Jan. 25th I am only on Estrace and on the 29th the dosage went up to 6mg a day. I'm still not having too much of a side effect of any of it. Very thankful for that. Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm also taking prenatal vitamins to help get my system ready for a baby and hopefully help sustain a healthy pregnancy!

This past week has been a horrible one for us but we got through and now the healing process begins. I've been so worried about my stepmom, who is going through chemo. She got really sick from it last Monday. On Wed. my grandma quite unexpectedly passed away. Then on Thurs. my uncle, whom I love dearly, had a double bypass surgery. And to top all of that off, I got the flu and the doctor ordered bedrest for me! It was absolutely horrible for a couple of days but we made it through.
Well, my stepmom is feeling better even though she is drained and has virtually no immune system. My uncle made it through surgery with only a couple scary times and is now doing great from what I've been hearing. I think he's been moved out of the ICU now. We made it through the funeral for my grandma, but I don't think its really sunk in for me yet.

And, I finally, for the first time in at least 3 months, was able to have a night out with no kids to worry about. I was with my sister, brother in law, and his brother and wife. We had an awesome time and if Ansil hadn't come when he did and bugged me to leave, I would have actually gotten up the courage to sing karaoke for the 2nd time in my life! They kept telling me that I sounded just like my sister, who is an awesome singer, so they put my name in with my brother in law's brother and I was going to do it! LOL Oh, well, there is always the next time.

So, things are looking up for us. Everyone is feeling alot better now. No more flu unless Ansil decides its his turn, which I really hope doesn't happen. Kylee is getting her first molar in and has been handling that really well. Ryssa turns 6 on Feb 6th, next Sunday and we are having her party here on Fri. Feb 4th. And in 7 short days, we fly to Canada for the transfer.

Here's to a good week everyone!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

All of these hormones are making me crazy!

LOL Ok, so they aren't that bad but I can honestly say that I can tell they are hormones! I think I'm going to drive myself crazy before I drive anyone else there. There have been a couple times that I wish I couldn't even stand myself but we will make it.
I'm on day 3 of Estrace (estrogen) pills and day 8 of Lupron shots. My Lupron will be done on Jan. 28th and the Estrace will be increased until the pregnancy test and on Feb. 3rd I will start the progesterone suppositories again until the pregnancy test.

Whew, thats alot of extra hormones but we do need to make a nice thick comfy lining for our little embryo to keep him/her comfortable. A nice inviting place to call home.

Now is the countdown to the transfer. As of today, we have 16 days left. Just over 2 weeks time to get everything in order!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

We've got a transfer date!

I just got confirmation today that we are going to do the transfer on Feb. 8th! YAY!!!! We leave Minnesota on Monday Feb. 7th, the transfer will be in the morning on Feb. 8th, and we will come home on Feb. 10th!

Now all I am waiting on is the med protocol and our flight schedule! We are so excited! I talked with V tonight and I have to say that I am overwhelmed with joy. My cup runeth over. I've been so blessed to "meet" them and to be able to at least try to give them another precious gift from God. Even though not much has happened yet, my life will forever be changed. And no matter the outcome of this, I just want to take the time to say thank you to V&K for even giving me this opportunity. You are absolutely wonderful and amazing people and I am more than honored to help you expand your family one more time.

Now, to anyone and everyone who has, does, or will read this, please send your wonderful thoughts and well wishes and baby dust to us on Feb. 8th. We've only got one little embryo to transfer and we have to hope and pray that he/she finds my body the perfect place to call home for 9 months!

The time is flying by now!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Meds are started

I took my first shot of Lupron Sat. afternoon. Actually, my loving sister gave it to me and instructed me on what to do and how to do it. This morning I did it myself! I'm so proud of myself too! Granted it took me a couple minutes with my skin pinched and the needle poised to go in before I had enough courage to actually do it, but I did. It wasn't bad at all going in, when I pulled it out I thought I was going to bleed all over though. HAHA! Shortly afterwards though it became a swollen sore lump on my leg. I think thats because I don't have much fat in that particular area of my leg, its mostly muscle. I will try a different spot tomorrow and see how it goes though.

So, thats that for now. We are well on our way and are expecting to have the transfer around Feb. 9th. When I get my med protocol and any other news like a set date I will have another update for everyone!

P.S. Our dog had puppies again last night! 6 of them, 4 girls and 2 boys. Once again, the girls rule the roost around here! Poor Ansil, he's going to go crazy with all the female hormones around him! HAHA

Friday, January 14, 2005

Forget waiting any longer

AF came tonight! Here I was worried to death that I would be too excited about all this and I would never get it. So I'm sitting at the computer working for a while and I start getting cramps again. I got my hopes up and then told myself not to because we all know my body has been acting weird lately. Well, it's true! And what's even better is this. We were worried that I would get it late tonight or Sat and then I wouldn't be able to get my meds until Tues and by then it could have been too late to start them. So Corinne, she's been doing awesome btw, at IARC said she would call the clinic and ask them to send them to me so I would have them "just in case" but was worried they wouldn't do it. Well, I got a call today and they are coming in tomorrow guaranteed by 12pm!

YES YES YES YES!!!!! It seems that finally something is going right and without a hitch! Alright V&K, lets go for it, we are all set now!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ready for some good news?!?!?!

I can't express how long and patiently, well as patiently as I can be, that I have waited to hear some good news. And today just happened to be the day that we got some!

Here we have been thinking that we will have the transfer in March since they didn't want to schedule it until all the tests have come back. Today, V&K received an email from IARC saying that the one test that was going to take so long would be back in 2 weeks! I was totally in shock but so very happy at the same time.

Now we just have to hope and pray that the nasty AF comes within the next 3 days and we will be having the transfer sometime between Feb. 8th and Feb. 12th!

More information will be coming soon I hope! Have a wonderful day everyone!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

The panic attack is OVER!

All I have to say is WHEW! I was finally able to get in touch with V and she explained things to me as she got a bit more information that I was able to. Right now, because of the lenght of time it takes to do a "special" HIV test, I think its called P45, we wouldn't have the results back before the transfer and Dr. Virro is quite adamant about getting those back before transferring. Apparently it is a more accurate HIV test but I still have no idea why it would take 6 weeks! The rest of them only take days to get back. And of course, this clinic is the ONLY clinic that even asks for that test!

So, if my cycle is now back on track, which I feel it will be now, we will start the meds in Feb. when that cycle comes for a transfer the first week in March. Its a bummer for everyone. Who would have thought that trying to get pregnant could be such a fiasco! LOL Just kidding everyone. I'm trying to stay on the light side of things as I got a stern warning to CHILL OUT! LOL

The only way we could do a transfer in Feb now is if my cycle comes 2 weeks late so they have enough time to get the test results back before the transfer. Last month we were hoping I would be on schedule and now this month we are hoping I'm still NOT on track.

There are so many ups and downs when being a surrogate, I can only imagine how hard it is for the parents, who have been praying for this miracle baby for so long already, to have all these bumps, hills, valleys when traveling down this road. It is definitely NOT for the weak!

So, thats it for now and we will keep our fingers crossed that everything from now on goes as planned and is quite uneventful!

Best wishes for a wonderful and happy new year everyone!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Frustrated, Irritated, etc. etc.

What is going on?!?!?! I got a call on Monday 1-3-05 from IARC concerning my doctor appt. that was scheduled for Friday. Well, I couldn't have my appt. on a Friday because then the testing kit wouldn't get back overnight as nobody would be there on Sat. to pick it up. No biggie. I just called the clinic, told them what was going on and what I needed done and moved my appt. from Fri. to Thurs.
Then I asked about how long it would take to get my meds because I wanted to be sure I had them by the 13th in case my cycle started on time for once. I got told that it wasn't going to happen, I wouldn't get my meds by then and we would have to go off my Feb. cycle which in turn means we wouldn't have our transfer until March!!!!! I have no idea why they won't go off this cycle as I was not given a full explanation. I'm feeling like they think its none of my business why or really whats going on except for the stuff that I need to do like sign the contract and do my testing. Other than that I'm kinda left out of the loop and I really really don't like that!

Anyway, today I got my testing done and blood drawn, all 8 tubes of it! And sent it back Fed Ex overnight so the clinic will have it tomorrow.
As it stands, I haven't talked to V or K in about 5 days and I don't have any idea what is going on now. I'm frustrated about all of it. My schedule has been messed up all week long now because I have been worrying about this and I have spent 3 nights worried sick and awake all night long.

So I have to say, K & V, if you read this before we talk either by phone, MSN, or email, please email me and let me know whats going on. I don't know if you have been checking your email lately because I haven't gotten a response to anything I have sent you and I'm worried that you aren't even getting my emails.

So now the year starts off with a bang alright! Its the sound of my head hitting the wall over and over! GRRRRRRRRR!