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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Closer and closer but not quite THERE!

My doctor appointment today was rather boring, as I guess they should be but you know, being this close a little excitement would be nice. LOL Anyway, my weight gain is now down about 4lbs, thanks to somehow losing some water weight, and my blood pressure was 100/66 so still doing great. I'm still measuring good too. The best news of the day is that I am 1 1/2cm dilated! No its not much and honestly I was hoping for more but at least I'm doing something and that was only in 1 weeks time. I have something to work with here anyway.
They baby was sounding good but the doc said he couldn't tell for sure if he was head down or not. :( He did say that if he was feeling his butt it was the hardest butt hes ever felt!! And the heartbeat was head down pretty low along with me feeling the hiccups down low too. I'm pretty sure he IS head down but just to be safe, the doc wants an ultrasound done. Unfortunately, I couldn't get one scheduled until Feb. 6th! I have a feeling I won't be making it that far though. So, I asked him, if I go into labor before that ultrasound, should I push for one in the hospital? His answer was YES! I do have another appointment next Wednesday of course so when I go in I will see if possibly the portable u/s machine is available just to be safe.
So thats about it for today's adventures. The weather is expected to be pretty nice the next couple days other than windy so I hope to get out and walk walk walk each day and make some more progress.
Take care everyone!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

37w today!

Here we are at 37 weeks now. With as easy as this whole pregnancy has been I never thought the end would be any different. Well, I was wrong. I'm getting more miserable by the day! :( Sleep is nearly non-existant right now. It takes forever to get comfortable and usually by that time then the little guy is woken up and starts moving around or ends up with a serious case of the hiccups which then makes me uncomfortable again. I've also had an unbelieveable amount of swelling in the last 2 weeks. It wouldn't be so bad but it actually hurts! My hands, arms, and wrists are the absolute worst. My fingers are stiff and my wrists feel like I have carpal tunnel now. And of course my hands are forever falling asleep no matter how I sit or lay down. I've increased my water intake but its not helping, just making me use the potty even more often.

I had another doc appt. on Wed. of this week and things are still looking good with the baby. I swear his heartrate is slower each time but the doc doesn't say anything is out of the ordinary so I guess it sounds good to him. LOL I'm still measuring ok too. A new development with me though is that my belly button has decided to pop! For the first few days it hurt like nobody's business. I couldn't touch it with my finger and even having my shirt or pants on it made it ache. And not just painful but when it was touched or bumped, which I end up doing all the time now, the pain would radiate all across my belly. I think I liked it better when my belly button didn't pop. HA HA HA
Anyway, my cervix is about 75% thinned out now and I'm a fingertip dilated so we are making some progress anyway. I hope things keep going good with all that because at this point I can't wait to be done! I want to feel normal again and I want so very badly to share this wonderful little boy with his parents! It almost seems selfish of me because V&K haven't been able to share much of it with me and I don't like that at all.

I do need to talk with Ansil though about taking pictures. I've already informed him that he is the offical photographer but not really told him what to take pics of. I want him to pretty much tell the story with the pictures which means taking tons of them but I'm not so sure he will understand that. I thought about having him video tape it all but the more I think about it, the less I want my ranting and raving and probably screaming on tape. LOL I am wondering though. I had a friend offer to take the girls whenever I needed even if it meant an overnight stay. Our oldest girls are good friends and her 2nd girl and my little one are close in age too. Anyway, it would be hard for me to do it but I could ask her to take the girls when I go into labor and then ask my mom to be at the hospital to take the pictures because I know she would do a good job. I guess I will have to wait and see how it goes and of course talk with Ansil about it too. They are his kids too afterall and if hes not comfortable with her watching them right now then we will have to go with the original plan.

I'm off to finally start packing my bag and getting everything ready for our time to leave! I've been saying I'm going to do it for the last week but something always comes up so right now I have time and I'm going to get it done with already. LOL Besides, I've already written a book........

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

35w5d quick update

Things are still going pretty good, thankfully. I saw the doc again on Monday and because I had been having contractions, not many but pretty much daily, he decided to check my cervix. I'm not dialated but I am really thinned out. So definitely something is going on down there. I feel so much pressure down under that its unbelieveable but the doc did say that the baby was wayyyyyyyy low. LOL I think I could have told him that.
Anyway, my blood pressure was good and I am down 2lbs again. I will NOT complain as long as the baby looks and sounds fine along with everything else. It is just less to lose in the end!! YAY! Unfortunately, I'm sure I will gain more between now and the time he finally makes his entrance.
But really thats about it on that end of things. Nothing much going on and nothing really changing as of right now. Once I hit 36 weeks (Friday) if I go into labor they won't stop it so lets see how long we make it.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Newest belly picture 34w2d

Alright, here it is! This was taken Sunday night and though there isn't a big difference in this one and the last one, I can FEEL a difference. Actually, I feel like he has dropped quite a bit but I know it certainly doesn't look like that! LOL
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