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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hey I'm still here!

I've had the pleasure of watching baby W grow so far in pictures and let me tell you he is one beautiful little guy! V is one of the kindest people ever. She took time on mother's day to make sure she sent me some much wanted pictures of the whole family and I have to say I cried big crocodile tears looking at them. They are such a wonderful family and baby W has the cutest toothless smile I have seen in forever! Ok so I may be a bit biased but anyone who sees it has to admit that its pretty darn cute. You can't help but smile when you see it, even in pictures. Ansil even smiled so big when he saw the pics so you know its got to be pretty cute! LOL
I haven't had the chance yet but I am going to put the pictures on a disc and take them to Walmart and print some off. I am so excited to get a pic of all of them up on my wall. They are so much like family and I'm still so much in awe with everything that happened.
I've made the decision that I want very much to do this again and honestly I would love to help V&K again. However, Ansil is definitely not ready, nor is K. V and I have talked and decided that behind the scenes we are going to work on our men to agree to do this again!!!! I'm so excited but I know that it will take time and I'm ok with that. Well, kind of anyway but I'm willing to wait before saying anything to Ansil again if that helps my chances of him agreeing to it! But don't tell him that! LOL
In the mean time, I'm going to do an egg donation or 2, just have to wait and see how things go the first time around. I'm excited to get started on that and hopefully it will be soon. Going with IARC again means that I don't have to do the psych testing again right now, unless the parents are concerned with something but I don't see that as a problem. In other words, it will go a bit faster than going with anyone else. I'm waiting on a packet of info to fill out and send back and things will be rolling right along. WOOHOO!


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