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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Closer and closer but not quite THERE!

My doctor appointment today was rather boring, as I guess they should be but you know, being this close a little excitement would be nice. LOL Anyway, my weight gain is now down about 4lbs, thanks to somehow losing some water weight, and my blood pressure was 100/66 so still doing great. I'm still measuring good too. The best news of the day is that I am 1 1/2cm dilated! No its not much and honestly I was hoping for more but at least I'm doing something and that was only in 1 weeks time. I have something to work with here anyway.
They baby was sounding good but the doc said he couldn't tell for sure if he was head down or not. :( He did say that if he was feeling his butt it was the hardest butt hes ever felt!! And the heartbeat was head down pretty low along with me feeling the hiccups down low too. I'm pretty sure he IS head down but just to be safe, the doc wants an ultrasound done. Unfortunately, I couldn't get one scheduled until Feb. 6th! I have a feeling I won't be making it that far though. So, I asked him, if I go into labor before that ultrasound, should I push for one in the hospital? His answer was YES! I do have another appointment next Wednesday of course so when I go in I will see if possibly the portable u/s machine is available just to be safe.
So thats about it for today's adventures. The weather is expected to be pretty nice the next couple days other than windy so I hope to get out and walk walk walk each day and make some more progress.
Take care everyone!!


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