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Saturday, December 10, 2005

31 weeks and still going strong!

Yesterday marked 31 weeks for us. HOORAY!!! We are sooo close now and I've really been noticing some changes going on. For starters, nesting has set in! Oh I know my house just loves this one. LOL My kids and Ansil on the other hand I think are getting sick of me. I'm always complaing about them cleaning up and keeping it clean. LOL
My belly is certainly protruding but thankfully, most all of it all is out front! It really does look like a basketball under my shirt this time, compared to my other pregnancies. For this I'm thankful but it sure does make my balance off kilter. I tend to wobble alot when I stand up which is quite comical.
Being sleepy 24/7 is back again but I still try and get a nap in when I can. With Christmas being so close right now life has kept us very busy and of course we have extra curricular things going on too. When I think about how much we have to pack into the next couple weeks I get exhausted, can't wait to do it all! LOL
Yesterday was our grocery shopping day. Now this almost always takes us 1+hrs to do just because we talk about everything like what meals we want, then what else we have to buy, and of course new things we see we have to check out. Well, needless to say it was a good 90 min walk around the store yesterday and let me tell you, by the time we were ready to check out, I was ready to sit down! This little guy felt like he was trying to come out with all the pressure I was feeling down below. No problems, no contractions or anything of the sort, just lots of pressure. And still today I am feeling pressure but not as bad. I'm wondering if my belly or just the baby has dropped already. I don't remember feeling this with my own kids until closer to the end.
I have another doctor appointment on Monday the 12th and will have an ultrasound done then too. The last couple times I've been to the doc he has just seemed too ready to rush out of the room so I hope he will take a bit of time when doing the ultrasound and I have a couple questions for him. I'm sure everything will be fine though, I'm just very excited to see this little guy again.
Well, thats about all I can think of for right now. Need to keep the laundry going and see what else I can find to clean. LOL


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