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Saturday, December 03, 2005


Only 10 weeks left now! WOOHOO!
I had my Dr. appt. on Monday Nov. 28th and all is well as expected. The baby's heartbeat once again was nice and strong, blood pressure was good and normal, and my weight gain, well thats another story. At my last appt. the nurse wrote down that I had gained 2lbs more than what the scale said so according to my chart, I have lost 5lbs! And thats with Thanksgiving and all the food I ate that day along with constantly stuffing my face every day anyway. I have no idea how I did that but as long as the baby is good then I'm happy. It just gives me less to lose in the end I guess. So total weight gain is somewhere between 8 and 10lbs. Amazing for me really because with both my girls I gained a good 30-35lbs. I can tell the difference in weight gain between the pregnancies too. This little guy seems to have no room in there already where I didn't feel that way with my girls until the last couple months. Ahh well, I won't complain.
He is still a pretty sweet baby. He was laying transverse for a few days and that was totally uncomfortable but I think hes back to head down right now. He tends to "massage" my bladder which actually hurts and makes it feel like I've got a bladder infection or my bladder is having spasms. LOL But he runs his hand all the way along the bottom of my uterus like he is being sweet and rubbing/massaging me. When he kics, he kicks so hard that my whole upper body jerks. LOL It looks like I've got uncontrolled ticks or something. Thankfully most times it doesn't hurt though. He did find my ribs the other day too. OWIE! I'm not sure if it was a hand or foot that found them because it hurt too much to try and push it away. And he is right under my ribs all the time. If I bend down my ribs feel like they are spreading.
Oh I forgot to mention some more good news from the Dr. Before he measured my belly I asked him again about another ultrasound. He made the tape a little bit longer so I was measuring 31 weeks at 29w3d (Monday). LOL He said it was cutting it close but he would do it anyway soooo the ultrasound is scheduled for Dec. 12th! YAY!!! I can't wait to see this little guy again and if we are able to get some good pictures I will be sure to post a few of them.
Well I had better quit writing for now. I have to move the chinchilla cage somewhere so we can set up our Christmas tree today! Keep checking back here as I will keep updating when I have something to share!
God Bless!
Edited to add my latest belly pic, Its really getting out there now!
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