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Saturday, December 17, 2005

32weeks and nervous

I had my Dr. appt. on Monday and well, its good news and bad news. The baby looks really good, and as of Monday which was 31w4d was measuring 32 weeks. He had fluid in his belly and in his bladder which is all good. Though I did tell the Dr. that he probably wanted to stand back when the baby was born because he would probably pee on him. LOL It looks like he has a really big head but I truly doubt that he does or will. Well, I'm hoping for that too. LOL
Now for the not so good news that makes me a bit nervous. The baby is sitting breech, and not just breech, but frank breech which is pretty much folded in half with his feet up by his head. After learning this, I searched online about this and have learned that if needed, turning a baby that is frank breech is alot harder than turning a foot first breech baby. The doctor said that about 38 or 39 weeks, if the baby is still breech, he will attempt a version (manually turning the baby). I'm not so much afraid of the version as I am the consequences if the baby doesn't turn. I asked also what the chances are that the version will be successful and he said that about 75% of them are so that makes me feel better of course. If the baby does turn, they will induce me that day to ensure the baby doesn't move back breech again. If he doesn't turn, then they will either do a c-section right then or I can go home and wait until labor starts naturally on its own and hope the baby has turned or I will have a c-section anyway. Lots of things to think about between now and then but I think I know what I will do IF it comes to that.

For now, I'm trying different positions and such to encourage the baby to turn on his own. One being on all fours with my head down on the floor leaving my butt way up in the air for about 20 mins at a time. Another is putting a cold pack on the top of my belly while also putting a warm pack on the bottom of my belly hoping the baby will turn away from the cold towards the warmth and if that happens then I plan on jumping up and down to get his head stuck down there. LOL Ok so not really am I going to jump up and down but its a good thought anyway. :)

As of today, 32w1d, he is still breech though. I'm not sore just sitting here but if I touch my belly where his head is sitting, right under my ribs, it hurts. I'm not sure if its because the head is so hard or the position of it or what but it really is very very sore there. My belly is still sitting up really high and I just know that if he turns around, everything is going to drop. HAHA

I have my next appt. on Dec. 27th so we will see what that appt. brings for us. Hopefully its really good news!!!


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