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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

35w5d quick update

Things are still going pretty good, thankfully. I saw the doc again on Monday and because I had been having contractions, not many but pretty much daily, he decided to check my cervix. I'm not dialated but I am really thinned out. So definitely something is going on down there. I feel so much pressure down under that its unbelieveable but the doc did say that the baby was wayyyyyyyy low. LOL I think I could have told him that.
Anyway, my blood pressure was good and I am down 2lbs again. I will NOT complain as long as the baby looks and sounds fine along with everything else. It is just less to lose in the end!! YAY! Unfortunately, I'm sure I will gain more between now and the time he finally makes his entrance.
But really thats about it on that end of things. Nothing much going on and nothing really changing as of right now. Once I hit 36 weeks (Friday) if I go into labor they won't stop it so lets see how long we make it.


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