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Monday, February 13, 2006

So much has happened

At 39w4d I had my last doc appt. We discovered that despite all the contractions I had had, I was still only 1 1/2 cm dilated. I was very depressed about this but still knew that he couldn't stay in there forever! The doctor was great though and decided to stretch my cervix. He said that if the body is ready, this is sometimes a way to start labor. I cramped for a bit afterwards and then had contractions for the remainder of the day. I certainly didn't think that anything would happen but again, was holding hope that it would be soon. We had an induction date set for the 17th of Feb which I really didn't want to make it to.

Anyway, I woke up Feb 9th, in labor!!! I will write and post a birth story with all the details but needless to say, baby W was born at 11:59am Feb. 9th. He weighed 7bs 2oz and was 20inches long. Absolutely perfect!!!!!!

Here is a link to a slide show of pictures from birth to 3 days old so far. I know I will have more to add soon. I hope everyone enjoys them. There is also music, albeit a bit cheesy, but it makes me tear up anyway.
(took out the link for privacy reasons)


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