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Friday, February 03, 2006

39weeks and still hanging on

The countdown is still going on. Any predictions on when this little bub will decide to make his entrance into this world? My mom still says on Monday Feb. 6th but I don't know. I'm just hoping its sooner rather than later. :)
My doc appt on Wed. went pretty good. I'm down another 3lbs, blood pressure is still good even though it was a bit higher than my normal. My big interview with People magazine was Wed. afternoon so I expected it to be a bit higher than normal anyway from being nervous. No more dilation though, still hanging strong at 1 1/2cm. But we know for sure that he is head down!!! The doctor was awesome and snuck me into another doctor's ultrasound room to get a quick peek to make sure. I got a quick glance at his sweet little face as he went past it and he even showed me the heartbeating. I love watching that. Anyway, things are still going good here.

The interview went well which I'm pleased with. I don't think I've ever had so many pictures taken of me in my whole entire life though! My mom is an avid picture taker but I think the photographer beat her record in just 1 day! LOL V asked me what questions I was asked and I told her it would be easier to tell her what I wasn't asked. I seriously can't remember what all was asked but thats ok. Its better to get the whole story than just bits and pieces right?

Unfortunately though, V got a bit upset about a couple things that I won't mention and has since changed her arrival date by 2 days. She is nervous and worried and does NOT want to miss anything. The one bad thing though is that she has refused to let me miss church that day to pick her up from the airport. I have no idea why, especially since its only 1 day and its not that big of a deal but she doesn't want that so we have since found her alternate transportation from the airport to the hotel. I just hope it doesn't take that long because I can only imagine how tired she is going to be. I'm even debating on whether or not to visit with her on Sunday or not because there is a 7 hour time difference plus her 8 hour flight and she will have been awake since at least 3am that morning (her time). BUT, I don't think I will be able to skip meeting with her. I simply can't wait and I hope to be able to surprise her a little bit too. But shhhhhhh, don't tell her that! LOL Lets just hope she doesn't read this first right? :) Oh it will be great either way and she will be able to see in person just how big her little boy has grown. I can't wait to see the love in her eyes at that time.
Most importantly, I can't wait to see her face when her son enters this world and takes his first breath, and also when I "officially" place HER son in his rightful place in her arms. I still can't believe that moment is so close now. Close enough I can nearly taste it!!!
Yesterday I finally realized just how much V&K trust me and it sent me into a whirlwind. While talking with her and trying to figure out what she wanted me to do in the event that they couldn't make it to the birth, I mentioned that I didn't want to do anything wrong and didn't want to upset her. She told me that I could never do anything wrong. Those few words about knocked me off my seat and I had no idea what to say in response and ended up changing the subject. LOL It totally amazes me that they have put such complete and utter trust in ME! In a matter of speaking they have both put their hearts in my hands and haven't looked back. They trusted me with the very LIFE of their child and not just for one night, one week, or one month, but an entire 9 months! They have trusted that I will not only "carry" their child but grow him perfectly and birth him happy and healthy. Can anyone join me in a WOW?!?! I know that for this to happen thats what they HAD to do but still, to actually do it...well how many people can say that that would an easy decision or even one they could themselves make? And they chose ME, of all the people in the world, to put so much trust in. This may sound weird to some, but because of that I can't help but love them. It makes them feel more like family than friends or anything else. WOW WOW WOW WOW!
V&K, you guys are the absolute BEST and I will forever be thankful that you chose me to do this awesome thing for you!!! Thank you so much for trusting me, believeing in me, and allowing me to share in such an amazing and personal part in your lives. No matter what happens, I will never forget that or you.

Now I must run because I've put myself in tears and my kids are ready for lunch. :) God bless everyone and I hope my next update will be that the baby is HERE!


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