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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Here we are at nearly 34 weeks already! I'm getting anxious for the birth of this little guy but we have at least 3 weeks before I can relax about going into labor. I'm pretty sure though that I will make it pretty far, past 37 weeks anyway.

I had my doc appt on Tuesday and everything is looking great still. I only gained 1lb in 2 weeks, my blood pressure was 124/66 which is about normal for me and I'm measuring right on! I also asked the doctor to feel around and tell me if he thought this little guy was head down yet. He said it sure felt like it!!! But of course to remember that he can flip flop right up until the last minute. I sure hope hes going to cooperate now and just stay head down. I don't want anything else to worry about between now and the birth.

I'm contemplating packing my bag for the hospital now but I think I will just wait a couple more weeks. I don't want to feel like I'm rushing things and I also feel that if I pack it now, I will be even more anxious for the birth and then time will slow down.
I'm feeling pretty good but I think I'm getting a cold. I really don't want one right now, especially right at the end here but I can't keep all the germs away. Oh well, I'll make it anyway!

I have to get another belly picture taken soon and I'm positive its grown even more! I'm so amazed at skin, how it can stretch and stretch and never break open! LOL Of course my belly is covered with stretch marks but I have light skin so its ok. Besides that, they are all reminders of my wonderful girls and will be reminders of this little amazing guy too!

Now, I just need a name to call him. (Thats a hint V&K) LOL

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

32w3d belly pic

Its been quite a while since I put up a new belly picture here so I thought I would add another one now. I've certainly grown alot since the last one but thankfully it seems to all be right out in front, for now anyway.
And just so you know, I was fresh out of a hot shower and in my jammies so I don't look all that great. LOL
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Saturday, December 17, 2005

32weeks and nervous

I had my Dr. appt. on Monday and well, its good news and bad news. The baby looks really good, and as of Monday which was 31w4d was measuring 32 weeks. He had fluid in his belly and in his bladder which is all good. Though I did tell the Dr. that he probably wanted to stand back when the baby was born because he would probably pee on him. LOL It looks like he has a really big head but I truly doubt that he does or will. Well, I'm hoping for that too. LOL
Now for the not so good news that makes me a bit nervous. The baby is sitting breech, and not just breech, but frank breech which is pretty much folded in half with his feet up by his head. After learning this, I searched online about this and have learned that if needed, turning a baby that is frank breech is alot harder than turning a foot first breech baby. The doctor said that about 38 or 39 weeks, if the baby is still breech, he will attempt a version (manually turning the baby). I'm not so much afraid of the version as I am the consequences if the baby doesn't turn. I asked also what the chances are that the version will be successful and he said that about 75% of them are so that makes me feel better of course. If the baby does turn, they will induce me that day to ensure the baby doesn't move back breech again. If he doesn't turn, then they will either do a c-section right then or I can go home and wait until labor starts naturally on its own and hope the baby has turned or I will have a c-section anyway. Lots of things to think about between now and then but I think I know what I will do IF it comes to that.

For now, I'm trying different positions and such to encourage the baby to turn on his own. One being on all fours with my head down on the floor leaving my butt way up in the air for about 20 mins at a time. Another is putting a cold pack on the top of my belly while also putting a warm pack on the bottom of my belly hoping the baby will turn away from the cold towards the warmth and if that happens then I plan on jumping up and down to get his head stuck down there. LOL Ok so not really am I going to jump up and down but its a good thought anyway. :)

As of today, 32w1d, he is still breech though. I'm not sore just sitting here but if I touch my belly where his head is sitting, right under my ribs, it hurts. I'm not sure if its because the head is so hard or the position of it or what but it really is very very sore there. My belly is still sitting up really high and I just know that if he turns around, everything is going to drop. HAHA

I have my next appt. on Dec. 27th so we will see what that appt. brings for us. Hopefully its really good news!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

31 weeks and still going strong!

Yesterday marked 31 weeks for us. HOORAY!!! We are sooo close now and I've really been noticing some changes going on. For starters, nesting has set in! Oh I know my house just loves this one. LOL My kids and Ansil on the other hand I think are getting sick of me. I'm always complaing about them cleaning up and keeping it clean. LOL
My belly is certainly protruding but thankfully, most all of it all is out front! It really does look like a basketball under my shirt this time, compared to my other pregnancies. For this I'm thankful but it sure does make my balance off kilter. I tend to wobble alot when I stand up which is quite comical.
Being sleepy 24/7 is back again but I still try and get a nap in when I can. With Christmas being so close right now life has kept us very busy and of course we have extra curricular things going on too. When I think about how much we have to pack into the next couple weeks I get exhausted, can't wait to do it all! LOL
Yesterday was our grocery shopping day. Now this almost always takes us 1+hrs to do just because we talk about everything like what meals we want, then what else we have to buy, and of course new things we see we have to check out. Well, needless to say it was a good 90 min walk around the store yesterday and let me tell you, by the time we were ready to check out, I was ready to sit down! This little guy felt like he was trying to come out with all the pressure I was feeling down below. No problems, no contractions or anything of the sort, just lots of pressure. And still today I am feeling pressure but not as bad. I'm wondering if my belly or just the baby has dropped already. I don't remember feeling this with my own kids until closer to the end.
I have another doctor appointment on Monday the 12th and will have an ultrasound done then too. The last couple times I've been to the doc he has just seemed too ready to rush out of the room so I hope he will take a bit of time when doing the ultrasound and I have a couple questions for him. I'm sure everything will be fine though, I'm just very excited to see this little guy again.
Well, thats about all I can think of for right now. Need to keep the laundry going and see what else I can find to clean. LOL

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Only 10 weeks left now! WOOHOO!
I had my Dr. appt. on Monday Nov. 28th and all is well as expected. The baby's heartbeat once again was nice and strong, blood pressure was good and normal, and my weight gain, well thats another story. At my last appt. the nurse wrote down that I had gained 2lbs more than what the scale said so according to my chart, I have lost 5lbs! And thats with Thanksgiving and all the food I ate that day along with constantly stuffing my face every day anyway. I have no idea how I did that but as long as the baby is good then I'm happy. It just gives me less to lose in the end I guess. So total weight gain is somewhere between 8 and 10lbs. Amazing for me really because with both my girls I gained a good 30-35lbs. I can tell the difference in weight gain between the pregnancies too. This little guy seems to have no room in there already where I didn't feel that way with my girls until the last couple months. Ahh well, I won't complain.
He is still a pretty sweet baby. He was laying transverse for a few days and that was totally uncomfortable but I think hes back to head down right now. He tends to "massage" my bladder which actually hurts and makes it feel like I've got a bladder infection or my bladder is having spasms. LOL But he runs his hand all the way along the bottom of my uterus like he is being sweet and rubbing/massaging me. When he kics, he kicks so hard that my whole upper body jerks. LOL It looks like I've got uncontrolled ticks or something. Thankfully most times it doesn't hurt though. He did find my ribs the other day too. OWIE! I'm not sure if it was a hand or foot that found them because it hurt too much to try and push it away. And he is right under my ribs all the time. If I bend down my ribs feel like they are spreading.
Oh I forgot to mention some more good news from the Dr. Before he measured my belly I asked him again about another ultrasound. He made the tape a little bit longer so I was measuring 31 weeks at 29w3d (Monday). LOL He said it was cutting it close but he would do it anyway soooo the ultrasound is scheduled for Dec. 12th! YAY!!! I can't wait to see this little guy again and if we are able to get some good pictures I will be sure to post a few of them.
Well I had better quit writing for now. I have to move the chinchilla cage somewhere so we can set up our Christmas tree today! Keep checking back here as I will keep updating when I have something to share!
God Bless!
Edited to add my latest belly pic, Its really getting out there now!
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