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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

We've got the contract!

Last week we were told that the contract was on the lawyer's desk and we would hopefully be getting it early this week. Of course impatient me, checked my email like every 5 minutes all day long in anticipation of receiving it. Even though I kept telling myself that it was too soon to actually get it! Well lo and behold, it came yesterday!!!
When I saw that I had it, I was jumping up and down and hollering that I got it. Gosh I was so excited. So I started reading through it, found some interesting things written in, a couple of things that I'm not sure about, but overall, it looks pretty good.

I must say that even though I know the reason for it, its silly that they make sure Ansil is behind me 100% and have him go to the psychologist with me, only for him to sign something saying that he does NOT consent to me doing this. LOL I know they have to cover their backs and its easier to do it this way so the biological father can put his name on the birth certificate right away but doesn't that just sound silly?

Anyway, I will be asking my questions and voicing my concerns about the contract today in hopes that we will have the final contract ready to be signed within the next 2 weeks. I sure hope so anyway because I need to have testing done and my meds ordered before the clinic closes the last couple weeks of December!

So I guess this is it! Here we go and this is truly the beginning of our journey together. Hugs to you K&V, and here's to a wonderful and uneventful journey together.

Friday, November 26, 2004

On the move!

Its been a while now but I have awesome news!! We will be getting the first draft of our contracts next week by email. YAY!
Its been rough getting here though. It took forever to get the report from the psychologist, then it took quite a while fo K&V to get my profile information and then there were insurance problems with Ansil being fired, and questions K&V still had. I was worried there for a few days that we had blown everything and K&V didn't want to work with me but it passed. We are now on our way.
The next thing that sucks is that if we don't get pregnant by the second try, which will have to be a fresh transfer, we are done. All because of stupid COBRA insurance of course! So come on little embie, make the thaw and lets get growing baby!

Here's to hoping we have a New Year's baby on the way! Lets just pray that this baby decides to come before my baby's 2nd b-day Oct. 3rd!