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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Going to start testing.....

Well, on Thursday I'm going to start testing every day, and I think twice a day, to see when I ovulate. I'm pretty darn sure I know when I do, only because I've hit it twice already with no help and only one shot! LOL But I'm going to find out for sure so that I know when I need to start going to the clinic for their testing on my next cycle. I don't want to have to go for more than 4 or 5 days because it will ultimately be a pain in the rear with the kids and what not. But of course, I will gladly do what I need to do to see this through.

Of course there is some bad news. My great friend C, who had her second transfer Feb. 9th, found out today that it didn't work again. She's in the pits right now and I'm right there with her. I feel so awful for her and her IP's. I hope that things went well for you guys during your talk and that everything was all worked out. C, no matter what you decide to do, I'm right there behind you cheering you on, and if you EVER need a shoulder to cry on, call me. I'm always around and will give you the time you want/need to talk. Great big HUGS!

Now, back to some pretty good news. I talked with the lady at the agency yesterday and she said that they had already figured out how to go about doing everything if our frozen transfer doesn't work so that we are still in the time frame needed for insurance. Which means that my IM will have to have her testing pretty much done by the time we do our transfer so she can start meds ASAP and then we can have our fresh transfer within the 2 month mark. Though we are still hoping that the frozen works, we know the reality of it is its VERY slim, even more so since we only have 1 embryo to work with. I hope and pray that it works because I don't want V&K to have to wait any longer than they already have. We will just have to wait until April to see how it goes though. I should know by my birthday if it worked and April really is a great month! Haven't I said that before? LOL

Night night everyone.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It didn't turn out right :(

Ok. Well, here's the story. We made the flight to Canada and got to the doc. appt on time Friday morning. I was still in high hopes of everything being alright. I mean, heck it had been 10 days since my lining check, surely it would have changed in that amount of time and I only had 2mm to go. I went in for the ultrasound and the tech said that it was still pretty thin. I knew right then what she meant but I still hung on that it was going to be ok. About 15 mins later Dr. Virro came and called me in his office. It was canceled as my lining hadn't changed at all in that time. :( I was crushed, confused, feeling guilty, and a ton of other emotions. He did say that I had a beautiful and perfect uterus though, even if it wasn't much of a consolation at the time. To try and make light of the situation I told him I didn't know about all that but its worked just fine for me! LOL
Anyway, we left the clinic and went back to the motel. We hadn't had breakfast yet so we went to eat and about 5 minutes before we returned to our room K had called me. What a sweetie! He left a nice message for me saying that we just had some bad luck and not to worry. Well, he called back a few hours later and I was able to talk to him on the phone for the first time! He is just as wonderful as V and was super supportive and understanding of how I was feeling. And of course, he told me that it was ok and that I didn't need to worry or feel bad.

Ansil and I took a much needed nap and then went for like a 5 mile walk around the town. We really didn't get anywhere special but it was nice to get out of the motel room. Ansil and I spent some much needed time "bonding". Something we haven't had time to do in quite a while.
On our way back we stopped and ate since we had skipped lunch and it was almost supper time. Well, just before we got back V had called. Bless her. Once again, we had just missed her call but she promised that she would call the next day. True to her word, she called bright and early. LOL Though she did get me out of bed and I told her she didn't, I wasn't worried because I had already slept later than I had wanted to. As soon as I heard her voice though I wanted to bust out in tears. Being the sweetheart that she is, she supported me and talked me through it. She told me that they are looking forward to the next try already and that everything will be ok.

Dr. Virro has decided that we are going to try a natural cycle. This means that I won't be taking any meds until after the transfer and all I will be taking are the progesterone suppositories. The only difference is that starting about day 10 of my cycle I will need to go to the clinic every day to get checked for ovulation for about 4-5 days. Once I have ovulated, then 5 days later we will have the transfer or try it again. Oh yeah, I have to have another ultrasound in there to to once again check my stubborn lining. The only set back is that he wants us to skip this cycle and start on the next one. This means that we are looking to have the transfer in the very beginning of April. Now I know April is a good month, can you guess why? LOL

K&V, you are very very special people in my life. There is nothing better, nothing I want more, right now than to give you the baby(ies) that you want and deserve. I have to say, this is going to be the longest pregnancy of my life because I will be looking forward to the first time you are able to hold the new addition to your family in your arms.

Well, now that I've said that, are your eyes tired yet? LOL I think its time to go. Until the next time, God bless.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I think this will be the last post before transfer!

Right now things are going pretty good. Ansil was able to rearrange his schedule once again at work so he is still coming with me. Thank heavens for that as I'm getting really nervous now and I don't think I would be comfortable flying to a different country and seeing new doctors all by my lonesome.

I went and got 4 books yesterday from the public library so I would have something to do on the plane and in the hotel room when I'm on bedrest. Of course I will have Ansil there to keep me company but I'm sure he will want to wander around too and check out the scenery. Unfortunately, I won't be able to do that much but I'm hoping to do at least a little bit of it before we leave.

And, I'm also not sure what we are going to do food wise. I'm not the type of person to go out to eat all the time so I'm not too comfortable with that but I also don't know if we will be able to find a convience store of some type to get a few food items from. We will have a fridge and microwave in our hotel room so its entirely possible to do that. It would probably save us a little money on food too but who knows.

Anyway, I'm just scrambling around making sure the house stays moderately clean, the dishes get done and all the laundry is done before we leave. I don't want to come home to a messy house and have to clean right away. I'm going to be amazed at how much junk we have to pack for everyone though, Kylee will be the worst since we have to pack her play pen and diapers and all the stuff.

So, I think that will be it for now. I will post again after we get back home with the details on the transfer, hopefully the doc will give me a picture of the embryo! LOL

Friday, February 04, 2005

We got some bad news again.

I had my lining measured Wed. morning and it turns out that its only at a 6. Unfortunately for us, they want to see it thicker than that, I think an 8. From there we had a couple of options. We could go ahead and cancel the transfer for this month and try again next month, leave it as is and hope within those 5 days it got to where it needed to be, or wait until the 11th. To be on the safe side we are waiting until the 11th and hoping and praying that its thick enough by then. I will have another ultrasound the morning of the transfer before we actually do the transfer to make sure its thick enough. If its not then it will be canceled and they will send us home.

There is a chance that my doctor read the ultrasound wrong to begin with but we don't know for sure. Thats mostly what we are hoping for. I'm really nervous that he didn't read it wrong and that I won't be where I need to be even by the 11th. But there isn't much we can do other than wait and find out.

The message board that I belong to for surrogates and IP's has been a great resource. When I posted about my lining being too thin several of the ladies gave me suggestions on what to do to help increase the blood flow and thicken it up. They suggested eating strawberrie or other fruits with seeds that you eat, raspberry leaf tea 3 times a day, and soy milk. I had Ansil pick all of those things up at the store. I have to say, so far the soy milk is the worst! Sorry to anyone who reads this and likes it, but I truly can't stand it. I have chocolate soymilk just to be safe but even with that I mix in reg. chocolate milk to cover the taste of it. So far thats been working pretty good. I'm able to drink it without gagging anyway. :)

Instead of being a day before C's 2nd transfer we are 2 days behind but I think she is transfering 3 dayers and ours is a 5 day embryo. So if thats the case then technically our due dates would be the same! She wanted me to lead the way with the pee sticks and I still think that might happen! I'm going to end up with peeitis in the next couple of weeks, I just know it. I will have to tell Ansil to hide the bank cards and check book from me so I can't go out and buy a whole bunch of pregnancy tests! LOL

Thats the latest update on us. I'm not sure I will have any other news before the transfer but if I do I will be sure to update once again.

God Bless.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Appt. tomorrow

Tomorrow morning at 8am is my lining check. I have to say, for as much cramping as I've been doing, I had better have a nice thick lining! Its like having AF for a whole month and it sure isn't fun but so far so good!
The craziest part of this is I had called the clinic last week to set up the appt and I told them I needed to have an endometrial lining check. The nurse had no idea what that meant, and she said the doctor didn't either. So, I got Dr. Virro to send a doctor's order and it said the same thing, that he's requesting an ultrasound to have my lining checked and they said it was exactly what they needed and no more problems and had already set my appt up when I called them back. Now, how is that any different than what I had originally asked them? I tell ya, I can't wait until I'm pregnant, at least then I know they will know what to do!!!!

So anyway, I will update tomorrow after I have the results. Hoping to have a nice thick perfect lining as the transfer is only 7 days away now! Yipee!