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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Its about time I write again!!!

Geez I can't believe its been so long!
Well so much has happened since the last post. V&K&S all had to come over to Canada for the last week of monitoring and egg retrieval. V did awesome on her meds and because of that I'm going to have to be calling her a chicken. That little lady produced 17 good eggs, 16 went on to be fertilized and they are guessing that 4 or5 will go on to be blasts!!!! WOOHOO GOOOO V!

So, I made my long all day trek to Canada on Monday the 23rd. And come Tuesday morning at 11am we transferred one as good as you can get embryo into a very healthy and thickly lined uterus! I'm so very excited. Dr. Virro said the embryo couldn't be any better, I looked great and he thinks this one will be the one! I do hope hes right. V&K very much are ready to hear some good news and I want to give it to them. And because of that, if my BETA test is good, I want to be the one to call them and tell them we are expecting.

The BETA test isn't until June 6th so I still have lots of time. I haven't decided if I'm going to do any HPTs or not. The last time everytime I saw a negative I felt worse and I don't know if I want to go through that again. Yeah I know I will probably do it anyway but still. Its going to be hard if they are all negative again.

Ok, so I will really update when I have something new to report!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Love feeling like a pharmacy

So I've been on meds for 4 days now. I haven't been too bad with hormones yet and I'm very thankful for that.
I started out on Lupron like I knew I would be but what I didn't know was they were going to have me start with the Estrace too! So, since Monday I've been taking my Lupron .1cc and 2 Estrace pills, then on the 11th I started taking 3 Estrace pills with my Lupron. All these things are just fine, I'm not looking forward to taking the progesterone suppositories, of which I just got 120 more!! Yes I will be back taking 4 of them every day until I'm 12 weeks pregnant. YUCK! But, if it works and we end up with a healthy baby its all worth it.

I can't wait for this transfer, its going to be a very positive one, I can just feel it.

The only bad news is that poor V&K&S have to come over to Canada this time. V was planning on coming by herself but Dr. Virro requested that K come with too so they could have a fresh semen sample too. Therefore, little S has to go with too. They leave Sunday, will be in Canada for 1 week and go home the 22nd. Unfortunately, I won't be able to meet them when they are in Canada because I don't go up there until the 23rd. But this is ok. We will still have a chance to meet at some point.

Anyway, we are just waiting right now to see how well V is doing on her meds and how many eggies they will get this time. They are still planning on transfering only 1 embryo of excellent quality. This just HAS to work this time.

I will keep updating as soon as I have something new to say.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

AF came to visit today

So now I'm officially cycling too! I'm so very excited and so is V. When I told her that AF was here she said "wow, you really are like clockwork!" LOL Yeah, I usually am so this is a good thing, I just wish that I never had to get it again. Now that would be nice. :)
Anyway, since nobody ever told me what my protocol really was I have no idea how much Lupron I'm supposed to start with. I could guess and just go off my last protocol but I have no idea if they want to change all that or not so I will wait until tomorrow morning and call IARC and see what they say. Starting on day 2 shouldn't be a big deal as thats what I did the first time too.
In just a few short weeks we will be having our first and last fresh transfer and I'm so excited yet nervous. I so very much hope that it works. V&K really really want another baby and I want just as much to give them another to love. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cycling again!

Well V was able to start her meds this past Friday the 29th! She will be on them for about 4 weeks and then have the retrieval. All we need is one good embryo to put in and we are good to go. They have decided that they only want to put one in as long as its excellent quality but if its not as good a quality then they will put 2 in.
Even though I'm scared to have multiples myself, I was kinda hoping they would put 2 in anyway just to make sure that we had the best odds of becoming pregnant with this try. But its not up to me what they do. Maybe we will have one great quality and one so-so and they will put both in anyway. LOL Who knows what will happen when the time comes though.

Right now I'm waiting for the med protocol for myself and we should have it tomorrow. Then all I have to wait for is my period to start and we are well on our way. I sure hope they do something good with my meds this time and change them around so that my lining is thick enough! Boy will I be upset if its not!

I just got news yesterday that the woman I've been dealing with since day 1 at IARC is leaving for good on Friday. This is a big change for me and one I'm not totally comfortable with, mostly because its so sudden and they know every personal detail about me. They girl that will be taking her place is supposed to be familiar with our "case" but you just never know. Hopefully we won't have to work with IARC too closely after the transfer though. Another wait and see thing I guess.

I will keep everything updated when I have more info.