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Monday, August 22, 2005

Can you believe it???

I know, I mean I KNOW that I am feeling this baby move around now! This little baby is having a party in there! Especially tonight! Here it is, after 11 at night and I'm feeling it nearly constantly! I couldn't be more excited. But I have to feel bad because my poor V can't feel it. She said today that she wished she could and I'm not sure if she meant it as wishing she could be pregnant feeling it herself or just feel it on the outside. Either way I felt bad after I told her. I mean, how would I feel to hear someone tell me that they were able to "feel" my baby moving and I couldn't?
I dunno and I don't want to dwell on bad thoughts so I will leave it at that.
Anyway, I feel absolutely wonderful but I do have to say, all these "little" movements I've been feeling do get rather annoying after 2 hours of it! LOL But it is nice to know that this little one is still kicking and living it up in there! V&K, you are going to have a mover and a shaker on your hands! I hope you are getting lots and lots of sleep because you are going to need all the energy you can possibly get when this one comes and starts moving around! LOL

Love you guys!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

I'm so slack sometimes

So many things have gone on since my last post I should have updated a hundred times already! Now I won't be able to remember half of it all.
Anyway, things have been going pretty good. My Dr. didn't change my prenatal vitamins so thats a good thing. I kinda like the ones I'm on already and they are pretty cheap too. LOL I had my appt with the nurse practitioner and had the vaginal swab and all that done though I don't know why since I've already had all that stuff done like 10-fold in the past 8 months! Oh well, its over with now. We tried to hear the heartbeat with the doppler but no luck. I was a little worried but I tried not to think about it. V kept me pretty upbeat, like she usually does. LOL

Then it was fair week and we were out there all but 2 days and I ate like a pig! But it was sooooooo yummy! I didn't gain any weight though which is a good thing. I walked alot out there though so its all good. I was scheduled for my appt with my regular OB Dr. that Friday but I got there late and he had already left! I was so upset that when I left there I bawled my eyes out. I just had this nagging feeling that something was wrong and was really looking forward to seeing him. I talked the nurse into scheduling me again really soon so I only had to wait until the next Tuesday. Of course it seemed to take forever to get here but it did and all is well. We heard the h/b and it sounded nice and strong. Considering I was over 13 weeks at the time the Dr. said, don't come back in 4 weeks like normal, come back in 5 weeks and we will do the u/s!!! I nearly jumped up and kissed him when he told me that. I can't believe time is going by so quickly though. I mean, in a mere 5 weeks I will be almost halfway done already! But then I sit back and think, man 5 weeks is a long time from now! LOL I'm driving myself crazy but oh well.

I "think" I've been feeling the baby move around a bit. But its more like he/she is just moving a BIG bubble around in there, not the actual baby movements. Soon though, I have to start feeling this little one. I'm so anxious to feel it! I also am not showing yet! Can you believe it? I know that with Kylee I was showing by now so this is odd for me. I shouldn't complain because once I start showing I'm going to blow up like a balloon like I did with both of mine so I should be happy I'm still "normal". (I can't say small because I'm not really small, but not huge either.) Its getting uncomfortable sleeping on my stomach now. I can really feel the "bubble" in my gut and when I lay on my stomach, it feels like its coming out my back! Ansil thinks I'm just nuts, well of course I am, but thats another story. LOL He wouldn't understand though because he's male!

Other than that, I feel pretty good and things are going pretty good. I can't wait for the u/s though!