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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Its been way too long

since I updated anything! Life has been busy, complicated, stressful, but all around pretty good. With my new job, housework, errands, girl scouts (which I keep forgetting about!), and the kids I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off. At the end of every day I'm pooped to say the least. And whats worse is I never get to bed before midnight! And then I'm up again at 6:30 am to do it all over again.
Its all good though. I'm loving my new found energy after having it all zapped being pregnant. It feels good to really get things done around the house and with the kids. I just need to start actually exercising more. My big butt needs to shrink at least 2 pant sizes so I can fit into all my summer clothes. I don't want to have to buy a new wardrobe again! LOL
On the surrogacy subject though, I was just today thinking about placing an ad. I haven't made up my mind if I want to or not. If I do, it would specifically say that I am NOT looking to start right away but want to take time, as in months, to get to know them and I want someone closer to me so we can do weekend BBQs and such and get our families more invovled this time. I still love V&K and nothing could replace or change that, but man it would be bliss if they lived closer! I need to have a heart to heart with Ansil first before I even think about placing an ad. There are many things that I want different this time and I need to know if he is on board with that.
I'm also in the process of filling out a questionaire about egg donation. This is something that I know I want to do right now. I would like to look at a generic but good contract to decide how I want to handle the traveling that is involved. I don't mind traveling, its just that my kids won't have anyone home to care for them at that time and Ansil can't that much time off work, its not possible. I thought about taking Ky with me and Ryssa could stay with her dad but when going to the clinic for the actual egg retreival, I have to be put under and there is no way I could watch Ky during that time obviously. Anyway, I just need to know what is normal to ask for and what isn't.
After Kylee's surgery she has totally changed! She eats all the time and quite a bit at a time too. She has put on weight and sleeps really good. Her hearing is as good as it gets too! Oh, and she talks sooooo clearly now that everybody can actually understand her! Though she still has an attitude problem and gets into tons of trouble, the rest is so different about her. I have been trying to potty train her but with everything else going on, its been difficult so I have been slacking on it. Its so time consuming and so much work but eventually we will get there. Shes a very smart kiddo and I'm hoping she won't take too long before she catches it on.
So, thats about it for us right now. Life has gone on, I've adjusted once again and things are going pretty smoothly, just very busy.
God bless everyone!!!