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Friday, November 18, 2005

28 week update

I'm late getting here and updating since a week ago today I had my Dr. appt. but here I am anyway.
At my last appointment I had to do the GD test which included drinking 50 day old, warm, flat, and filled with sugar sprite. (Insert gagging smiley here) LOL I truly despise that stuff but oh well, at least its over with. I haven't heard the results of it yet but I'm pretty sure if there was a problem they would have called me by now to let me know I had to come back.
I had my rhogam shot also and I must say, the meds hurt wayyyyyy worse than the stinking needle in the muscle in my bum! Oy vey! It stung so badly I actually had to say ouch. LOL Then of course I had to pee in a cup and have 4 vials of blood drawn but thats almost par for the course now. Thankfully I didn't bruise at either injection sites so thats always a plus in my book!
Again, I heard the heartbeat which sounded really good, it was nice and fast and strong, my little choo-choo train. HEHE I'm measuring right on target too. One thing that got me though was I had only gained 4 pounds since my last visit and the nurse wrote down 6! Phooey on her! So a total, real total, of about 14 pounds since the beginning of the pregnancy. I'm really hoping not to put on too much though because I have to be able to take it off at the end and I know with Kylee I didn't do a very good job at that at all. I still have extra weight from here. UGH.
So, not only do I plan on working out after this little man comes, I am really thinking about pumping my breastmilk because that also aids in losing weight. I would love to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight with my oldest, Ryssa! Thats quite a bit of weight though so it will probably take a while.
I'm also looking into egg donation after this too. I don't know if I want to be a surrogate again so this is a good step down. I would of course do this again if V&K asked me to but I don't know about doing this for another couple. Just have to wait and see how it goes I guess.
As of today, we have 84 days left until the eviction notice is in hand for this little guy. I have a feeling he will come before the due date but not by much. I know once V gets here I'm going to be doing all the walking and extra things I'm not supposed to do to get him to come, within reason of course.
I'm also going to be praying for a quick and easy labor. I hope to be in and out in a days time like I was with Kylee and I'm also hoping for now tearing or cutting and certainly no c-section! I've heard of too many of them lately and it scares me so if everyone says a little prayer for us when the time comes I would appreciate it. I want to feel just awesome after this birth like I did with Kylee.
So thats that for now. I go back to the doc on the 28th and of course every 2 weeks from here on out until 36 weeks. Almost done already......WOW!

Friday, November 04, 2005

26 weeks OMG!!!

Can you believe it? Today marks 26 weeks of pregnancy and in my eyes puts me in the 3rd trimester! In a matter of speaking, days wise anyway, its all down hill from here! In reality though, these last 3 months are going to be the longest. LOL The baby is going to be growing lots now and using up all the room my body will allow him not to mention maturing his lungs and growing strong enough to come into this world!
These last 6 months have gone by so quickly. I know I've said that before but its like it never slows down. Then again, it might not be such a bad thing if time goes by quickly. That would mean that my most uncomfortable times will go by quickly too!
Ryssa has enjoyed feeling the baby move about andwe have tried to get Kylee to understand and feel it too but she just doesn't get it. She pushes on my belly and puts her hands on it all the time but its usually when hes not moving so of course she can't feel anything. Its ok though. It might be best that she doesn't quite understand because if she understood there was a baby in there then she might not understand that its not ours and not coming home with us. Someday she will understand what all this is about anyway.
I have another Dr. appt next week at 27 weeks exactly. They will be doing more tests like the big gestational diabetes test and a vaginal exam. FUN FUN! What makes it best is that its at 8 in the morning! I'm going to be so sick to my stomach first thing in the morning that day but I'm pretty sure I will pass the tests just fine. I've never had a problem before and with how good I feel I don't expect I will have a problem this time either. Things have gone smoothly so far.
I'm still waiting to hear if we will get another ultrasound but hopefully will know something after my next appointment. I hope they can come up with something so that insurance will cover it and we can have another one. LOL
Thats about it for now I guess. Just one more week and I will have another update! A good one I'm sure!