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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Last night this little guy was being fiesty!!! He now has room to play that goes nearly up to my ribs. Well lately his thing is to sit right up at the top and its a little uncomfortable. I decided to try and gently push/urge him to move down just a bit with my hand. Now you must know I was more or less just massaging his butt or head, not sure which one it was, with my hand and gently pushing down at the same time. Apparently he didn't like that at all and almost immediately pushed back! OMG It hurt so badly! If I had been looking I swear you would have seen him "pop out" of my belly! He did this 3 times before he finally settled down a little bit farther. What a turkey!!
I thoroughly enjoy feeling him move around and thankfully right now its still not painful, other than last night anyway. He kicks pretty hard but when he hits it isn't as hard. And still moves about quite a bit. He has a day full of energy and then a day where he rests alot. When I lay down at night he wakes up for a few minutes but seems to go back to sleep once I get comfortable and doesn't keep me up or wake me up. My bladder is the one to thank for waking me up at night.
And speaking of waking up at night to pee. Last night was another typical night. I get really thirsty before bed so I end up drinking like 20oz of water before I lay down. I always go potty before bed but it never fails to wake me up a couple hours into sleeping. So I got up last night about 3am to potty and start down the stairs. Little did I know, on the landing just about 5 steps down laid our 100 lb rottweiler! All the lights are off so its pitch black and so is that dog and of course she isn't making any noise nor was she trying to get out of the way. I nearly tripped down the last fight of steps! If it hadn't been for the little storage thing we have right next to that for me to grip, I would have fallen down the steps. GRRRR I was so mad I could hardly get back to sleep. Needless to say, if the dog is in the house at night she will be sleeping in our bedroom or not in the house at all. There is no way I want to fall down the stairs now! I've been so good about not doing that for several years now I don't want to start again. LOL
Our last Dr. appt was good. My blood pressure was great, no weight gain not even 1/2 lb., and the baby sounded great as well. I'm also measuring right on target. I talked to the Dr about another u/s and he said that if he had known that before hand he would have found a way to "fix" the numbers on my chart to show bigger or smaller so he would have a medical reason to do it and insurance would cover it. He doesn't want me to have a huge bill for this. And he was nice enough to write a note in my chart for the nurse practitioner to be on the lookout for something "odd". LOL Such a good guy! I go back in 4 weeks for some more tests including a vaginal exam and the gestational diabetes test with the nurse practitioner. Then I go back to my OB 2 weeks after that and we will be on the 2 week schedule until 36 weeks!
Its amazing to think that we are already this far along. In just a couple weeks I will be in the 3rd trimester and it won't be much longer after that, that we will be meeting this little guy! WOW!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Another day...

Its just another day in life here really. Last night this little guy was up nearly all night long, after he slept almost all day! LOL He woke up about 8pm and he was still having fun in there at 3am! He already has his days and nights mixed up but I think when hes born it will be a good thing. Here is why: His parents live across the world, they are 7 hours ahead of us right now. If he has his days and nights mixed up here then when he gets home, he should be right on schedule. LOL Oh hes going to be a wild one though.
I talked with V the other day and of course we talked for like an hour. One thing that came up was her feeling the baby move when they come over. She said that she was not very comfortable touching another woman's stomach though. I don't want her to feel that she has to keep her hands to herself. This is her baby and I would love to have her hands on my tummy all day long feeling him move about. Ok so that sounds a little off but think about it. Shes not had the luxury of being pregnant before and really doesn't know what it feels like and this IS her child so feeling it through me is the next best thing. I hope she isn't too uncomfortable with it when the time comes.
I'm still nervous/worried about the D day though. Delivery is so unpredictable and I wish I was comfortable enough to get induced because I seriously don't want V&K to miss any of it. I'm pretty sure V won't miss it but I'm so scared that K will. Another thing is I'm due 4 days after my oldest DD's birthday. I of course want to have a party for her and would love to invite some friends of hers but I'm afraid it will be stressful and land me in labor on her birthday! I have no problem with my DD and this little on sharing a birthday, I just don't want to miss out on my DD's day.
It sucks too that all this is going to happen during the winter, not to mention it will be about the coldest time of winter too. V&K aren't used to the cold like we have here and of course the chance of snow storms is always there. I know V is ok with not spending every waking moment with me but I want to make sure she isn't bored out of her mind here too. There isn't alot in this dinky boring town I live in to do. We are hoping to get together with their former surrogate at some point too but of course everything is weather dependent. I want to take her to the mall of america but then I'm afraid all the walking will put me in labor. LOL
So, for the next few months I have to find things that we can do around here that will keep us busy but not put too much stress on myself. Sounds like fun doesn't it? LOL And yes V, no matter what you say about waiting to do this stuff, I would rather have it all set. It will be less to think about when worrying about this little guy's arrival.

Oh I'm so so so so excited to meet you guys and this little one!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Time for an update

I'm so very very close to 22 weeks right now. Only 2 days to go! Things have been going pretty good. I did get a cold and last friday I also got the flu for about 24 hours. Thankfully it didn't last any longer than that because I hate being miserable and of course I had to take care of Kylee myself because Ansil had to work. Let me tell you it was a long long long day. I was so thankful when Ansil got home from work and right away took the girls to town for supper and to get them out of my hair so I could rest. He didn't get them home until it was almost bed time and he did the pajamas and all that stuff and put them to bed. I was so proud of him.
Then last Saturday we had Kylee's 2nd birthday party and it went good but oh so busy! So many people and kids and boy was I pooped when it was over. But we did go out for a while afterwards just to have fun and what not. We got home late and Sunday it was up again for church and all that. Monday was Kylee's official birthday so we spent the day kinda doting on her and went out for supper which like always turns out to be a disaster. LOL She never wants to just sit and eat and behave, she wants to get into everything and eat everyone elses food. Such is life with a 2yr old.
Tuesday was Ansil and my 3 year anniversary. We spent the day driving! Absolutely nothing special planned but at least we said happy anniversary to each other. LOL Today was another busy day and Kylee had her 2 year check up with the Dr. She has put on a pound in the last couple weeks so that puts her up to 23 lbs! Woohoo! Too bad I'm pretty sure she will lose that pound. LOL She is otherwise healthy though and doing good.
Onto the baby news! A few days ago I was laying in bed on my back watching a little TV before I drifted off to dreamland and felt the baby move a bit. Well, I happened to be looking at my bulgeing belly when he really started rocking and rolling and I got to watch my belly dance! I smiled myself to sleep that night. Then this morning I was standing up looking out the window when I felt him move a bit again. I took a chance to feel him and put my hand where he had kicked and he did it again, like 4 more times! It feels so neat to be able to feel him move so much now yet it feels strange. Not in a bad way but like anything beating you from the inside out would feel. LOL In 1 week we have yet another Dr. appt and of course I'm excited for it. I'm going to try and talk him into giving me another ultrasound sometime in the near future. I want to see the baby again and I'm sure that V&K would love to have some more pictures. I don't know if he will or not but I hope he does. Also I'm going to tell him that because of this being a surrogacy, they need to know almost for certain that this is a baby because they have to have a name within the next few weeks. I hope it works.
So that is the scoop on us right now. Still going strong and doing good. I'm going to end with my first belly picture though. Ignore the stretch marks but I'm sure there will be more! LOL Enjoy!
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