A surrogacy journal

Follow with me on my amazing journey to give a wonderful couple the joy of a second child!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Another obstacle!

As of today, I still haven't gotten AF. I have no idea what the problem is but I'm sure I will find out soon enough.
Onto our next obstacle. Since Ansil is going to college in January and can't do school full time and work full time, he will have no choice but to quit his job. They refuse to let him reduce his hours and keep his insurance so we will be without insurance! I NEED to have insurance or being a surrogate just won't happen, so I called a couple places to see what I could find. The best I can get is actually pretty good. The only problem is that it will only cover up to $500 of labor and delivery. Even if I have a c-section! Though this isn't so bad since it will cover 100% of all prenatal visits. So if I give birth vaginally, which of course I want to do, and be out of the hospital within 24 hours, I really think the cost would be the same as if I paid the typical 20% of prenatal and 20% of labor and delivery. I guess I will have to wait and see what K&V say first though.

Thank heavens I found this out now before doing contracts, otherwise we might have had an even bigger problem! I sure hope this will be ok and K&V will still want to work with me.

Friday, October 15, 2004

This is just the beginning!

Lets start off with an about me section.
I'm April married to Ansil. I have one child from a previous relationship, Loryssa, and we have one child together, Kylee, who is 14 months old. Ansil and I met via the internet and we met in person Nov. 26 2000. He came up for a 2 week visit and never went back. We have been married for just over 2 years. It was during my own pregnancy with Kylee that I discovered my dream of helping at least one couple achieve the bliss of parenthood that I have been blessed with twice.

Now onto my journey.
So far I have met a wonderful woman who then introduced me to, hopefully my, IP's ( intended parents). I will just call them K&V. We emailed back and forth quite a bit before I even got my application to the agency(IARC). I guess we have been getting to know each other throughout the past 2 months. Since IARC has gotten my application everything has been going pretty smoothly. I was accepted in a matter of days and a couple weeks later Ansil and I had our session with they psychologist. I had to take an MMPI 2 test, which basically was able to tell the psychologist what kind of person I am and my personality. She told me I was an almost perfect candidate for being a surrogate. Now a week and a half later I am still waiting to hear if she sent her letter to IARC saying that I'm good to go. As soon as IARC gets it they will send my application info onto my IP's and they can give IARC the green light which will then be the contract phase. Its just a waiting game from here.

I guess for now I will leave it at that and update when I have some news.